Abstract U.S. Airmails

Image of Airmail stamp, C72

Styles change. In time, the trend has gone from detal rich, realistic engravings to simpler, more symbolic designs. We are in the cockpit of our jet, on the glidepath to a safe landing. The array of 50 stars suggests the runway we are approaching.

On a more philatelic note, this specimine is a precancelled postage stamp. The precancellation is for use in Washington, D.C.

There are several important points to this small stamp's design:

Image of Airmail stamp, C77

This attractive stamp is simple, yet clearly an AIRMAIL stamp.

Image of Airmail stamp, C78

The silhouette of a portion of a jet is the design on this stamp. It is very functional, and the "meaning" of the stamp which is AIRMAIL is clear.

This stamp is also a precancel. We are not aware of any disticntion between the two types of precancellations shown on this page. If anyone with knowledge of this specialty can inform me, I'd like to offer more information here on this page.

Image of Airmail stamp, C79

The winged air letter tells us our thoughts travel fast when we use this stamp. Surprising to us is the view of the seal side of the airmail envelope.

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