A Tribute to Lindbergh (U.S.)

Image or picture of the Lindbergh stamp, C10

This stamp was issued in 1927, as a tribute to Charles Lindbergh. This beautifully engraved design in blue illustrates the plane "Spirit of St. Louis" as a centerpiece, and the background shows the great circle route Charles Lindbergh flew solo from New York to Paris.

The name of the plane, "Spirit of Saint Louis" is named not after the city in Missouri, but rather after its patron Saint, King Saint Louis of France.

If you want to lean more about Charles Lindbergh, please see Charles A. Lindbergh: A Photographic Album or perhaps Lindbergh by Von Hardesty.

If you prefer DVDs look at Lindbergh: The Shocking, Turbulent Life of America's Lone Eagle.


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