Flights Over Landmarks

Image of 2 engine plane over the Pan-American Union Building Airmail stamp, C34

This 10 cent Airmail stamp was issued in 1947 and illustrates a twin engine plane over the Pan-American Union Building.

Image of 4 engine plane over the Bay Bridge Airmail stamp, C36

The Oakland/San Francisco area is an important location in air transportation, and has always been since the dawn of commercial aviation. The Bay Bridge is the landmark here, and the plane over it could be heading to Hawaii, or perhaps the East Coast of the U.S. It is the post World War II era, and commercial avaition will be growing.

Image of Jet over Capitol Building Airmail stamp, C64

It was 1962, and the jet age had only just begun. Might be a 707, or a DC-8 in flight over the Capital Building in Washington, DC. This stamp is a small regular issue airmail stamp. It could carry a letter across the country by air, though at twice the cost of surface mail at the time of issue.

There are several important points to this small stamp's design:

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