Romania: Aeronautic and Space History

The topic of this Airmail stamp series is Aeronautic and Space History. It was issued in 1983.

Henri Marie Coanda

Image of Romania airmail stamp, C255

Henri Marie Coanda was born in Bucharest on June 7, 1886.

In 1935, based on the 'Coanda Effect', Henri designed a flying machine which resembles what is known today as 'flying saucer.' Coanda himself figured that this could be the most important application of 'Coanda Effect' for the aviation of the future. In 1967, at a Symposionum organized by the Romanian Academy he said:

These airplanes we have today are no more than a perfection of a toy made of paper children use to play with. My opinion is we should search for a completely different flying machine, based on other flying principles. I consider the aircraft of the future, that which will take off vertically, fly as usual and land vertically. This flying machine should have no parts in movement. The idea came from the huge power of the cyclons.

Thus Henri Marie Conda is an especially appropriate subject of this Romanian Airmail Stamp.

Hermann Julius Oberth

Image of Romania airmail stamp, C256

Hermann Julius Oberth, born June 25, 1894 in the town of Hermannstadt, Transylvanian. He is one of the fathers of rocketry and astronautics.

The stamp illustrates a rocket and equations of rocket propulsion. H. Oberth worked with Wernher von Braun in both Germany and the U.S.


Image of Romania airmail stamp, C258

The old Soviet manned spacecraft, Vostok is shown in Earth orbit.

Apollo 11

Image of Romania airmail stamp, C259

Apollo 11 is commemorated with the Lunar Module preparing to land on the moon.

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