DC-4 Skymaster

Image of Airmail stamp, C32

The Douglas-Commercial 4 engine plane dominates this 1946 airmail stamp design. The impressive red color alerts postal sort clerks that the letter is airmail in need of rapid dispatch to the airport mail facility.

There are several important points to this stamp's design:

Airmail Stamp Weight Reduction

Image of Airmail stamp, C33

As you can see this new smaller stamp contains a portion of the earlier Skymaster image. Weight reduction is a challenge of aircraft design. Interestingly, the Post Office did its part with a smaller postage stamp. Still, the bright red color and the front of the DC-4 Skymaster clearly says Air Mail.

Airmail Stamp for Rate Increase

Image of Airmail stamp, C39

The change of rate with the same red design results in one more version of the venerable Skymaster Airmail stamp design.

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