Call to Complete the 5 Year Plan in 4 Years

It is 1930, and the airship Graf Zeppelin makes an impression on the world. From Germany it brings passengers and mail to destinations in other countries. It is thus a fitting symbol for this stamp series, Call to Complete 5 Year Plan in 4 Years.

Russia/Soviet Union c12, 1930 40 Kopek Air Mail Stamp

Workers in agriculture, industry and their managers follow the lead. We cannot let another nation beat us.

Russia/Soviet Union c13, 1930 80 Kopek Air Mail Stamp

The design style of the stamps we see here has been refered to as "heroic bombast" and is especially popular today in Information Technology and internet companies. How often do workers in those companies hear a call to complete their projects early? Probably all the time. The message on these stamps are timeless.

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