The U.S. Transpacific

Airmail Stamps

The first in this series of Airmail stamps was issued in November of 1935 for the inauguration of Transpacific air mail service in November 22, 1935.

Image of Transpacific Airmail stamp, C20

I've imagined the stamp to show a dawn arrival in Asia of a 4 engine "China Clipper" from the U.S.

On the ocean below, to the right are sailing ships of east and west. To the left are steam ships of the time.

It is the dawn of a new era on the Pacific.

Image of Transpacific Airmail stamp, C21
Image of Transpacific Airmail stamp, C22

The later two stamps in the series were issued in 1937. The stamps in this series were primarily used for mail service to China.

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