U.S. Off Topic Air Mail Stamps

Most of the airmail stamp designs we focus on offer us some aspect of flight, or symbols of it. There are examples of airmail stamp designs which on the surface have little to do with Air mail directly. Some do actually make excellent airmail stamps.

100th Anniversary of the First International Postal Conference

Montgomery Blair

Image of Airmail stamp, C66: One hundredth anniversary of the first international postal conference.

The red color dominates the design, the color catches attention easily. The contrail of letters orbiting the earth offers a kind of space age symbol for global transport, even if the first appears to be dated 1863. This stamp was issued on May 3, 1963 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the 1st International Postal Conference. This entity was the forerunner of the Universal Postal Union (U. P. U.) which is the fundamental cooperative agreement by which the World's nations carry each other's mail by ground or by air.

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