The U.S. Air Mail Series of 1926-27

Have you ever flown from coast to coast over the U.S.? Even at the speed of a jet, one covers varied terrain, mountians, plains, desert. Consider how the trip would be in the bi-planes illustrated on the stamps below.

I think these stamps have a vision quite ahead of their time (1926-27). The vision is the whole U.S. and coast to coast airmail service. Impressive when you consider the territory.

Image of Transpacific Airmail stamp, C7

Ten cents could provide a letter up to an ounce Air Mail service of up to 1,000 miles.

Image of Transpacific Airmail stamp, C21

The 15 cent stamp could carry a an ounce up to 1,500 miles.

Image of Transpacific Airmail stamp, C22

The 20 cent stamp would provide a letter over 1,500 miles.

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