The 6 Cent Airmail Issue of 1938

Image of Airmail stamp, C6

The March 1998 issue of The Airpost Journal has an article which covers this stamp. The theme is transportation. The beautifully engraved stamp is a combination of 3 different images to form a well coordinated stamp design. Workers on the river shore prepare fire wood for the S.S. Distributor while a Fairchild 45-80 Sekani climbs from a water take-off. In reality, the steam sternwheeler successfully served northern Canada over a long career of service. The fate of the Fairchild Sekani was less than successful. Two aircraft were produced, but none were accepted by their intended customers. It was said to be unmanageable in flight and did not meet expectations.

If the aircraft design was not a success, its image on this excellent stamp design was.

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