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The symbols used in the design of postage stamps has always interested me. I find Air Mail stamps especially interesting with their symbols of flight - aviation is also an interest of mine.

The Air Mail images can speak powerfully for themselves. Nevertheless, we expect to have a page devoted to discussing the topic of Air Mail symbols and design shortly.

Each page I offer below is a kind of visual gallery with a certain theme. I hope you enjoy the images.

US C24 Air Mail Stamp Trans-Atlantic

The First Air Mail Stamp Series (U.S.)

Wings: Symbols of Flight (U.S.)

The U.S. Airmail Stamps of 1926-27

A Tribute to Lindbergh (U.S.)

Airmail Over the Rockies: U.S. Airmail Stamp of 1928

The Eagle: U.S. Airmail Stamp of 1938

French Airmail Stamps and Symbols

The U.S. Transpacific Airmail Stamps and Symbols

A Century of Progress: The U.S. Zeppelin Issue of 1933

The Transports (U.S.)

The DC-4 "Skymaster" Issues (U.S.)

The DC-4 "Skymaster" Coil Issue (U.S.)

New York City (U.S.)

Island Air Mail (U.S.)

The Dawn of the Jet Age (U.S.)

Air Force: Flight of Jets (U.S.)

Flights over Landmarks (U.S.)

Abstract Symbols of Airmail (U.S.)

Airmail Stamps with Space Exporation Topics (U.S.)

Abstract and National Symbols

Split Designs of 1959-1961

The 50th Anniversary of Air Mail

Amelia Earhart

The Birds

First U.S. Airmail on Sports Topic

Father Junipero Serra (U.S.)

US Stamp Commemorates French Revolution

30th Anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty

Aviation Pioneers (U.S.)

50 Years of Trans Pacific Airmail Service (U.S.)

Off Topic Air Mail Stamps (U.S.)

Priority Mail: Airmail Next Generation?(U.S.)

Grand Teton Issue

Airmail's New Generation(U.S.)

The Great Seal of the United States (U.S.)

Thaddeus Lowe Aerogramme of 1995 (U.S.)

Early United Nations Airmail Stamps and Symbols

U.N./New York Space/Astronomy Airmail Stamp

United Nations Airmail Envelope of 1969 and Symbols

The 1938 Canada Transportation Issue

A Question About a U.S. Airmail Stamp


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