A Century of Progress

Image likeness of C18 Zeppelin

All U.S. Zeppelin Airmail issues are quite expensive. Pictured here is an adaptaion of the original die for a 1970 COMPEX sheet produced by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The airmail stamp, C18, was issued in 1933.

There are several items missing from the illustration and the actual stamp's design:

The design of this stamp illustrates the progress of the Zeppelin's flight. To the right is a Zeppelin hangar in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The Zeppelin itself is in flight over the Atlantic ocean. The destination, to the left, Federal Building at Chicago's Century of Progress Exposition.

Remarkable about this and other Zeppelin stamps is the picture of the Zeppelin itself: it is the product of German engineering, afterall. Stamp design is quite nationalistic in nature. There is a not so subtle aspect of the design, however, the destination building, in Chicago, is perhaps the most futuristic part of the design. This is quite a contrast to the hangar in Europe.


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